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Dog Costume: Carrying a Gift

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Best dog costume I've ever seen. :)

Another angle:

Dog carrying a gift costume

Pirate Dog Carrying his booty

dog pirate costume

...found via mydisguises...

Butterfly dog is pretty good, too.


Cerberus costume:


Headless Horseman Dog and Rabbi Dogs!

sleepy-hollow.jpg shalom.jpg

Black Pug / Black Widow and Skunk Schipperke

spider.jpg sconk.jpg

Pit Bull Lion + Shar Poo

lion.jpg mini-pooh.jpg

Yoda Pug + Incredi-BULL Hulk

yoda-dog.jpg incredible-hulk.jpg

Dalmatian Moo-Cow + Murdered Basset Hound

got-milk.jpg killed-dog.jpg

So many options for Halloween!

Man do I love Yoda Pug and the Jewish Dogs!!

I wonder if cat people are just as inclined to dress up their pets. Dog people and cat people can be quite different.

Cats have zero tolerance for cosplay, unfortunately.

I guess you need to stick with pack animals if you want compliance on Halloween...

That sounds right. The exception, of course, is Catwoman.

Too true, Adam...


Wow. I have absolutely nothing to say. :)

Dog Moose costume. Raise the roof!


Poop factory costume:

Perhaps it's best to carry your dog in your utility belt...

Dog Purse

Ugh. Is that real??

I hope not. Doesn't seem like a good thing to do to a dog!

Where can you get this costume?

Kimberly, I've been looking all over the Internet for it but cannot find it for sale.

My conclusion is that the owner made it herself or himself.

Thanks I have been looking too, I would love this costume for my dog!

Me too! If I do find anyone selling it, I will share the link here.

Kimberly, I found this Etsy shop that will custom-make a "Dog Carrying Gift" costume:

dog carrying gift costume

dog carrying gift costume

Price with shipping is $22 and they make it to order.

Please let me know how you like it if you try it!

Is the dog carrying a gift outfit $22 or are you talking about something else. If it is how can I purchase one?

Don, that is the correct one you're referring to.

I guess between October 15 and November 1, they got a lot of demand so they upped the price on Etsy.

Hopefully they'll drop the price again now that Halloween is over.

Sam Friedlander only just discovered this picture. Wow.

Some great things take a LONG time to make their way around Teh Internets!

When all else fails, dress your dog as a banana.

Dog banana costume

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