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Celebrities: How would other celebrities die if they died as ironically as Paul Walker? - Quora

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My favorite is George R R Martin dying at a Wedding.

And The Rock dying of a paper cut.

And Miley Cyrus dying of twerking.

This list is also pretty good:

Bryan Cranston killed by a meth addict.
Christian Bale killed by a comedian.
Sandra Bullock killed in space.
Robert De Niro killed in/ by a taxi.
Sylvester Stallone killed in a boxing match.
John McAfee killed by a virus.
John Bon Jovi killed by a shot to the heart.
Johnny Depp killed by a pirate.
Mark Zuckerberg killed when hit in the face with a book.
Miley Cyrus killed when smashed by a wrecking ball.
Hugh Jackman killed by a wolverine.
Tobey Maguire killed by a spider.
Naomi Watts killed by a rather large gorilla. 
Elijah Wood killed choking on a ring.
Steve Buscemi killed falling into a wood-chipper.
Al Pacino killed by a dog one day, in the afternoon.
John Travolta killed slipping on a greasy floor.
Matthew McConaughey killed by a magician called Mike.
Paul McCartney killed by a Volkswagen Beetle.
Arnold Schwarzenegger killed when his life support is terminated.
Uma Thurman killed by a man named Bill.
Kristen Stewart killed by a wolf.
David Bowie killed when dancing in the street.
Mick Jagger killed by a rolling stone.
Bob Dylan killed in a hurricane.
Daniel Day-Lewis killed by a gang in New York.
Michael Fassbender killed by hunger.
Jodie Foster killed by a quiet lamb.
Jake Gyllenhaal killed breaking his back on a mountain.
Martin Scorsese killed by a raging bull.
John Hamm killed by a mad man.

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