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Guide dog lands spot in yearbook next to girl he takes care of

Guide dog lands spot in yearbook next to girl he takes care of They re such a great team Pets TODAY com


Taxi can alert family and teachers when Rachel is about to experience a seizure. "He predicts she's going to have a seizure up to an hour and half before it happens," Teresa explains. "It seems to be a smell that the body emits, but until dogs can talk we can never know for sure."

Once, when Rachel was swimming in the family's pool, Taxi suddenly bolted up and began slapping at the water. Rachel's parents took her out of the water, and 10 minutes later she had a seizure. On another day, when Rachel was going toplay on the trampoline in the backyard, Taxi put his paws on her shoulders to stop her because he felt a seizure coming. Sure enough, one occurred a few minutes later. And as always, he was right by her side.

"He always stays on her left side because she falls on her left," Teresa explained. Rachel's seizures can become very severe, but no matter what she does, Taxi always orients himself so that he's in the right place: "He breaks her fall."

The trusty companion has also become a beloved part of Rachel's school. "Last year I joked, 'Where's Taxi's picture?'" Teresa said, of Rachel's 6th grade yearbook. "He's here every day, he deserves to be in the yearbook, too."

So when picture day rolled around this year, she asked if the photographer wouldn't mind snapping a few of Taxi. And when this year's yearbook came out, the family was thrilled to see their precious pup proudly displayed next to the young girl he takes care of.

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He's adorable. Hearing this story makes me happy!

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