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Time Warner In Talks To Invest in Vice at $2.2 Billion Valuation

Time Warner In Talks About 2 2bn Vice Deal


Vice Media, the digital group which has mounted an aggressive assault on traditional news providers, is in talks to sell a major stake in itself to Time Warner.

Sky News has learnt that the two companies have been holding detailed negotiations about a deal.

One potential structure under discussion would see Time Warner injecting HLN, a news platform owned by its Cable operations, into Vice in return for roughly half the enlarged company.

A deal is expected to value Vice at roughly $2.2bn, about 50% more than last year's sale of a stake in the mini-conglomerate.

Sources said on Monday that talks between Time Warner and Vice were at an advanced stage but that some final details had yet to be agreed.

A deal could still fall apart, however, or assume a radically different structure, they added.

Founded in 1994 as a "punk zine" for music enthusiasts in Montreal, Vice has attracted huge attention from the global media industry with its provocative mix of content and rapid diversification: it now houses an advertising agency, a record label and a television show.

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Wow, Vice really is mainstream now. Wow!

And Rupert Murdoch buying Time Warner means... Dammit.

No more independent voice in Vice. Dammit. 

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