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The Best GoPro Clip Ever? | SURFING Magazine

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What did we do before GoPro?

that was so fun!  i've always wanted to do that.  :)  and i love that it was in slowmo and real time.

Yes, the world needs more slow mo GoPro videos!

Well, if you can't afford their cameras, you probably can't afford their stock either.

Which would you rather have, a camera or a share of stock?

Stock, but hopefully a gopro plus a mounting clip and remote wifi controller for my birthday!

Fingers crossed for you! And then next birthday a drone for it so you can fly it around.

I have had a GoPro for 2 years now and I still don't know how to edit it so I can transition from slo-mo to real time and back.  If anyone can point me in the right direction I'm all ears. 

The best that I have come up with would be to cut the one video into several individual shots and then set each shot to a different speed, however; I should be able to select a section for slo-mo and change the speed of that section of the video.  When I try to do that it just changes the speed of the whole video :/

I'm pretty sure it's done in post processing with desktop software but Greg might know otherwise?

The gopro software that I have doesn't seem to have that functionality.

Yeah, I was thinking something like Final Cut Pro would be needed. 

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