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Vessyl - Automatically Know What's Inside - YouTube

Source: YouTube Video

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jesus fucking christ

I couldn't actually sit through 4 minutes of this. Sheesh.

ain't nobody got time for that gif Imgur

Amazingly high quality video for a parody product, right? 

"It can track in real time the contents of the vessel" 

Nope. This is a real product.

It would be really helpful if it could detect Rohypnol.

It would be really helpful if it could detect poison. Then anyone fearing assassination would buy one.

Jiminy crickets, can we outlaw any product that has "smart" in its name?

Sorry I'm late - I was waiting for my cup to finish charging.

:) lol

2 beverages, 1 cup

Thats What She Said gif Imgur Steve Carell The Office

A day later and I'm still laughing at "sorry I'm late" and "2 beverages, 1 cup."  :-)  

Oh, and if you post it in Google+, Adam's "ain't nobody" shows up as the title gif!

You have achieved the PandaWhale gold standard!!

Yes, this page is so ridiculously PandaWhale that we can always come back to it for a chuckle.

Even "Vessyl" seems like a company name that belongs on HBO's "Silicon Valley".  

Perhaps we should tell @mikejudge to add Vessyl to season 2.

Just found this: - far better use of time and money.

Meet the 11-year-old inventor of an 'unbreakable', 'unspillable' cup for people living with Parkinson's

unbreakable unspillable kangaroo cup for people living with Parkinson's meme Imgur

The Kangaroo Cup is very memorable. 

what a little gem this page is!!

the sentence at 3:30 sums it up beautifully:

• 7 years

• a team working so hard

• a product that can really have an impact on your life


i actually just created a whole new stash for this post.

I still haven't gotten to 3:30 in this video, so thanks. 

I'm looking forward to more in your PLEASE stash. 

the image for that stash is SPOT ON!  :)

we need to invite her over here!  welcome her to the dark side...  :)

Sadly, she never comments. She might be a robot. 

oh daaaaang!  what a weird possibility.  how do we test this?  let's egg her on!!

I do it regularly on her posts. So far no responses. 

does she always post about lame products?

Sometimes she posts lifehacks too. 

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