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Disney Hercules Hades I know I get the concept gif


Thank you The_Love_Child for making this gif.

Disney Hercules Hades I know I get the concept gif Imgur

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LOL at the caption: "When I'm listening to music and my iPod keeps playing the 'low battery' notification..."

the disney animators must have had fun with hades... the fire is so cool!!

I'm sure they did -- and this was before computer animation really kicked in.

Too bad Hercules wasn't more popular. They could have done a whole Greek series.

yeah!  so much fodder there for great movies!

i think hercules is great.  but i'm biased.  i love them all!

Yeah, there really isn't a bad Disney movie.

Because they follow the golden rules of storytelling:

thank you for showing me that page!  great infographic and tedtalk!

And it pretty much applies to all stories.

yes!  i found it helpful for picture books even!

Cool. You might enjoy the Pixar rules, too:

stashed!  thank you, adam.  :)

Happily. It's a little disappointing that all great stories follow a predictable pattern. 

I was hoping for a little more variation.

well, this is how life goes, too: you care, you're crushed, you come back, you learn something.

Is everyone's life like that???

i thought so.  no?  well, maybe just the one who have stories worth telling.

Most people have a rite of passage that goes like that.

I guess that's why Disney likes rite of passage stories more than here's journey stories. 

Thank you The_Love_Child for making this sweet Hades Thumbs Up gif:

hercules hades thumbs up gif Imgur james woods

I got it from him here:

Bonus reaction when it won't stop and I don't have my charger:

Disney Hercules Hades god fucking damn it gif Imgur

That is one angry Hades. In James Woods' voice, of course.

Small version:

hercules hades god fucking damn gif Imgur

Hercules Hades mad gif Imgur Tumblr cigar burns angry

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