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Paul Ryan’s Influence on the G.O.P. : The New Yorker

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Did Romney cave to the pressure over the last two weeks? Will Ryan be the VP nominee when I wake up tomorrow?

Ryan’s long-range plan was straightforward: to create a detailed alternative to Obama’s budget and persuade his party to embrace it. He would start in 2009 and 2010 with House Republicans, the most conservative bloc in the Party. Then, in the months before the Presidential primaries, he would focus on the G.O.P. candidates. If the plan worked, by the fall of 2012 Obama’s opponent would be running on Paul Ryan’s ideas, and in 2013 a new Republican President would be signing them into law.

Yes Romney caved.

Yes Ryan is the nominee and yes his plan is awful.

Paul Ryan should NEVER be the President of the US.

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