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Mitt, you chose the guy who wants to end Medicare as your running mate?

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Tell me more about how to get old people to vote for you.

Sarcastic Wonka wants to know.

That was in his "MVP" plan; He released an alpha version and the users didn't like that feature(bug).

Yes but it gives insight into how Paul Ryan thinks.

Definitely. Interesting answers here:

A republican party fielding a presidential candidate who did not come from a background of extraordinary wealth and privilege would give the party more credibility on the economy. The sense I gather is that social conservatives (lower-middle class Americans who vote on God, Gays, and Guns) makeup the nucleus of the party, while a NeoCon (e.g. President Bush era) or a "Reagonomist" are the only two archetypes the party enjoys as presidential candidates; it does seem, of course, that republican congressional elections have a more diverse set of archetypes.

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