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Game of Thrones s4e10 The Children Throwing Fireballs gif


Thank you imjustadude90 and bzztwhirrclick for making this gif.

The Children Throwing Fireballs gif Imgur Game of Thrones s4e10

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Jifs made several cool versions, too.

This one's my favorite:

The Children Throwing Fireballs gif Imgur Game of Thrones s4e10

No wonder Samwell Tarly always wanted to be a wizard. Throwing fireballs is cool!

I can't be the only one who was thinking this:

HBO GoT definitely knows how to end things. Massive endings were awesome in last two seasons. The last episode was deeply satisfying as a lot of storylines came to very logical milestone. I'm still trying to grasp the implications of some very unexpected deaths. 

Geege, definitely dem bones!

Sergey, I've been reading the message boards and there's an active debate as to whether The Hound is alive. I'm part of the Hound faithful. I think he will survive somehow.

Yes, but what about Tywin Lannister? The whole balance of power is up in the air now. Very interesting how it all will unwrap now.

I wonder if Cersei will prevent the marriage between Tommen Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell.  Cersei certainly won't marry Loras Tyrell.  Cersei is large and in charge now, but she still needs money.

I wonder what the unintended consequences will be of saving the Mountain?  I suspect he will kill someone dear to Cersei, because she needs more regret in her life.  It would be cool for the Martells if he killed Myrcella (sorry, Myrcella). "A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid."  I believe that line was meant for more than Joffrey's death.*

As for the Hound, I want him to live (long enough to kill his brother) but that wound is mortal.  It will take sorcery to fix that.

I would love an epic "monster a monster" battle between Mountain and Hound.

* Mr. Martin, please don't kill Jaime.

All of the following is my speculation:

Jaime will be around for a while. He's a survivor.

Poor Myrcella. She's the new Sansa -- trapped in Dorne, separated from her family.

As for the Hound, there are plenty of sorcerers wandering the wilderness. It would be good to see him come back and stop the new Mountain from doing something awfuller than what he's already done.

Almost certainly Cersei will break off both Tyrell marriages. Which means you can add the Tyrells as a house against the Lannisters. Along with the Martells, the Starks, the Baratheons, and the Targaryens.

Without Tywin or Tyrion or Varys or Littlefinger to help her, and deep in debt, Cersei is going to have a hard time. After three seasons of rule, the Lannisters are seriously in trouble.

I guess that's what Sergey is referring to.

Does ANYONE benefit from aligning with the Lannisters?

Yes, the Freys got the revenge they wanted, the Boltons got the North, and the Mountain gets to kill whoever he likes.

What's interesting is that aligning with the Lannisters was good for the first four seasons.

But now, things are getting worse for the Lannisters. Maybe it's time to switch allegiance.

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