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Daily media habits of US kids graduating high school now

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Surprise for me: Pandora. 

Surprise for me: Everyone has used YouTube.

Also: two thirds have used Snapchat?! Really??

And more kids admit to using Pinterest than Tumblr? Really?

And you will notice no iMessage, WeChat, or Line.

Google+ is that popular???  Maybe I should give it another go?

The article explains it as "the kids just heard Google".  :-)

For the record, I found this article on Google+.  

Geege, are you active on Google +?  if so, do you like it?

Yes and yes!  I also like Twitter, but neither as much as PandaWhale.

Google+ and Twitter both have a lot of noise. Maybe most people like that?

I am only speaking for myself here, but I can dive into either of their streams for short periods of time and come out with something I want.  If I am the dolphin, then Google+ and Twitter are the bait balls.

dolphin bait ball meme imgur

Feeding frenzy!!

Kids by nature are always looking for the next new thing, so I see plenty of upside for WhatsApp.

Haha, the next new thing with 500 million users!

Actually, I just noticed WhatsApp to the left of Beats. Beats?!

yeah!  whatsapp is waaaaay down there.  and, honestly, i've never even heard of snapchat.  (should i admit that??)

also interesting that spotify is way less popular than pandora.  must be the price.

my personal chart would look very, very different.  i don't even see pandawhale on this one!!!

Most people surveyed probably never heard of PandaWhale.

I mean, Reddit and Imgur aren't on there either, and they are way bigger than us.

Pandora being free and around for a decade gives it much more audience than Spotify.

It's okay to admit you've never heard of Snapchat. No one over 25 needs Snapchat.

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