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Facebook Is The Ant; Zynga Is The Grasshopper | TechCrunch

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Brilliant. It's almost as if you are making a rational plea to calm the market. "Look, our character as founders define our companies. Trust the companies (financially) where you can trust the motivations of the founders." I hope I'm not misinterpreting!

Aesops Fables. Brilliant.

Grasshopper. Brilliant.

Ant. Brilliant.

People understand and remember imagery in storytelling. If the only takeaway is that Mark and Facebook are ants and Zynga is the grasshopper, you will have succeeded. Clearly you are a great storyteller. The logos and empirical data to back it up, not with your own assertions, but with articles from credible sources (e.g. Newsweek, business insider). Referencing the Quora post draws a distinction between the two different companies (Chris Yeh made a great comment about how positive or negative most commenters were anonymous) in the mouth of their own employees.

Darn, you connected the dots. It was there for us see all along, we just had to step back to see the big picture. This post is interesting. Mark Z will go down as a legend, no doubt. As usain bolt would say, Zuck is a living legend. It seems Mark P may not be a legend, but he's taken care of his investors (allowing them to sell stock when he did, even if employees couldn't) which seems he is the ultimate game-theory strategist. Zuck has devoted himself to an ideal. He and Facebook have become something more, and after reading your essay, I think the differences are now clear and grounded for all who read it.

As I once tweeted at MG, for me, the sign of a storyteller, thinker, speaker, or writer I truly enjoy is simple: when they are finished, I am sad that it is over.

I was sad when the article ended; luckily I'm here on PandaWhale to read more!

you guys are right there. you can tell that mark z was more on continuing his vision rather than enriching himself in the process. during the early years of facebook, mark showed viacom ceo tom freston (who flew in a private jet) his 1-bedroom flat. despite the many courtships tom made, mark finally explained that he was not really after the money, but rather for building a legacy that would more than his lifetime passion. still rings true to this day, ipo day and post-ipo.

Those bastards didn't use my image!

Fortunately, we have your image here:

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