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New York Leaders Reach Deal on Medical Marijuana

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Weirdly enough, New York will NOT allow smoking weed but WILL allow edibles and vaping -- which have caused concern in Colorado.


1. What took them so long?

2. Five organizations would be allowed to sell at 4 dispensaries around the state. Just 4 dispensaries?!

3. Tax will be 7%. That's cheaper than sales tax in New York.

4. All New York marijuana needs to be grown in New York. What's with clamping down competition?

5. More than 20 states now have legal medical marijuana. Most allow smoking but not New York.

Really New York? What a bizarre state.

New Jersey only has like 2 dispensaries! And they are going bankrupt because no one is signing up! I guess New Jersey people don't need the weed.

People in New Jersey are behind the times in this respect.

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