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Ed Skrein (the first Daario Naharis) photo gallery

Man I love this guy.

ed skrein hot daario naharis Imgur

Ed Skrein Twitter:


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Ed Skrein is a British actor who was in Game of Thrones season 3 as Daario Naharis.

He also raps:

He left Game of Thrones to star in a Transporter movie as a younger Jason Statham. Okay.

Photos on this page are curated from Reddit and Imgur.

ed skrein hot daario naharis gif Imgur

Ed Skrein will always be Daario Naharis to me.

ed skrein hot daario naharis Imgur

In real life Ed Skrein prefers not to have long hair!

ed skrein hot shirtless daario naharis Imgur

ed skrein hot daario naharis Imgur

A better look on him IMO

Most photos of him are like this.

Ed skrein hot

Ed skrein hot

...though this is nice, too...

Ed skrein hot

And I still love this:

Ed skrein hot Daario Naharis a man cannot make love to property Imgur

More Ed Skrein as Daario Naharis:

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