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Riley Steele feeds Imgur giraffe user submitted gif

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Source is Riley Steele on G4 Attack of the Show:

Giraffes love to be fed:

hot blonde babe feeding giraffe Imgur Posting in user submitted be like... Imguraffe

Imgur comments:

Original caption: "Posting in Imgur User Submitted be like..."

hot blonde babe giraffe Imgur upvote gif Imguraffe How i imagine popular commenters are like user submitted meme funny

Imgur User Submitted summed up in one gif:

Imgur user submitted summed up in one gif usersub user sub hot babe working out yoga pants dudes watching eating popcorn

Which reminds people of this gif:

undercover brother hot catfight gif Imgur popcorn denise richards

Imgur User Submitted: It's kind of like that.

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