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Varys Nope gif - s4e10 Bells Ding Homer Simpson bush

Varys NOPE gif Imgur Game of Thrones s4e10 The Children bells ding Homer Simpson backing into bush

Thank you shadowst17 for making this gif.

html5 version:

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The bells ring in the Game of Thrones season 4 finale and Varys is outta here!

Varys NOPE gif Imgur Grandpa Simpson turns around

html5 version:


grandpa simpson nope turn around gif Imgur

Grey Worm is outta here, too.

Grey Worm NOPE gif Imgur

Varys: "Looks like it's fuck-this-shit o'clock!"

Varys changes his mind and leaves Westeros meme tis a silly place Imgur Game of Thrones s4e10 The Children

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Varys fuck it Im out gif Imgur

Varys what whatever wtf dafuq gif Imgur

Varys I hate everyone gif Imgur

Varys is getting too old for this shit.

Varys purple wedding gif Imgur getting too old for this shit Game of Thrones s4e2 lion and the rose

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