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The worst neurobollocks infographics on the web

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Infographics are seductive, but when it comes to science they can easily be used to convey totally ridiculous "data" in an attractive way. My new favorite blog, Neurobollocks, helps us understand all the bad info out there about the brain.

Great blog!

I laughed out loud at this:

First up is this purple and blue monstrosity titled ’15 things you didn’t know about the brain.’ Here we learn (amongst other howlers) that the capacity of the brain is 4 terabytes, men process information on the left side while women use both sides, and:


Women are more emotional because they have a bigger limbic system? Are you fucking kidding me? Also, it turns out that ‘Exploding head syndrome’ (also mentioned above) is a real thing, well… kind-of a real thing. Well, actually not really a real thing at all.

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