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The 10 snobbiest cities in America revealed... and California claims most of them

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Wait, WTF?  Fullerton is number 9??  How in the world do people even know where Fullerton is?

I'm not sure *I* know where Fullerton is. The O.C.?

Also isn't Thousand Oaks in SoCal?

Yes it is in SoCal.  So I thought that was funny.  

Fullerton is at the Northern side of Orange County, CA.  Birthplace of the best oranges, Fender Guitars, Bugle and Drum manufacturers, awesome college baseball, Punk Rock, some of the best Catholic Schools in the country, the famous Fox Fullerton theater built in the roaring 20's, an awesome car show (, and awesome cultural centers, museums, coyotes, golf clubs, and high end restaurants with great views of Catalina Island.  It's also known as the New Orleans of the West.  

Yes, I'm a snob about all those things.

Can't you call it home-town pride instead of snobbery?  You don't seem like a snob to me.  

Yes! Pride!!

Fullerton sounds great and does not deserve to be lumped in with Ft Lauderdale. 

How is San Francisco not on this list?

santa barbara is not on this list??  or la jolla?  or dallas?  or boca raton?  no comprendo.


No "my yacht is too white" Naples?!

Yeah, this list is clearly off. PandaWhale has spoken!

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