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Vulture TV Awards: David Milch on Best Villain -- Vulture

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When Walter finally admits that he did it all — the meth, the money, the murders — because he liked it, because it made him feel alive, that vanity motivated him more than charity, it reflects how our own ostensible altruism is often just the lie we tell ourselves to excuse our dirtiest deeds.

He does attempt redemption. He comes out of hiding to ensure Skyler isn’t punished for his crimes. He kills the Aryans and rescues Jesse. He succeeds at providing Walt Jr. with roughly $9 million. But he achieves these small acts of contrition through violence, or at least the promise of it. He’s already doomed, and he shows how far each of us can fall.

Was Walter White the best villain on television this year? You’re goddamn right.

So redemption through violence isn't really redemption, is it?

No, even when seeking redemption through intention.

So then even though Walter White did right by his loved ones, he is not redeemed.

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