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Hominy and Jalapeno Chicken Soup

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Hominy is an underutilized high-fiber whole grain that makes for super good comfort food. With chicken and chiles, this recipe is a winner!

I would not make the recipe the way it was written because I am contrary like that, but also I think these directions are weird. I suspect they were written to make you think you're going to cook this recipe for dinner the same night you want to eat it, but that is abjectly ridiculous -- no experienced cook would do it that way. Shredding the meat from a chicken recently boiled with chiles is not fun at all!!!

A 3 lb chicken is rarely if ever available in most supermarkets, and if you could find one it would not be super flavorful. I would always rather go for a much bigger chicken -- a hen if possible -- and poach it in a smallish amount of plain water in a pressure cooker. After resting it overnight and deboning it and skimming the fat from the stock, I use half of the meat and all of the stock in this recipe, and save the other half for another recipe. On the other hand, you could buy 3 lb of just chicken legs if you like nothing but dark meat in your soup.

I rarely if ever brown chicken before poaching because I'm lazy, and also who cares? There's so much flavor in the other ingredients you won't really miss the browning in this case. This recipe as written is not really spicy at all... like maybe a 2 on a scale of 1 - 10 -- so feel free to add more chiles or zestier chili powder. The main thing though is NOT to forget the cilantro and lime!