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Introducing the Happy Startup Canvas β€” I. M. H. O. β€” Medium

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5. Solution

What solutions are you proposing? This section is deliberately small as the solution you design will no doubt change after you speak with customers and partners and test out ideas. Use this as a guide, not a brief.

β€œBe strong on vision, but flexible on detail.”Jeff Bezos, Amazon

4. Problems

What are the top 3 problems (or opportunities) that you’re looking to address? Frame these as hypotheses to test against the real world.

e.g. Selling second-hand goods is a hassle for most modern parents.

Is your product or service aΒ pain relieverΒ orΒ vitamin ie. are you solving problems or making people feel better (or both)?

β€œWork on something that matters to you more than money.Create more value than you capture. And take the long view.”Tim O’Reilly

Thank you for the insight.


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