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Baltimore's Water Wheel Keeps On Turning, Pulling In Tons Of Trash

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An ordinary citizen who works in a museum came up with this invention -- based on a hay baler! -- to pull tons of trash out of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The really amazing thing though is that he somehow convinced the city bureaucracy to let him build it!

Green and clean. And oddly satisfying.

Reddit comments:     

There's nothing that bothers me more than people who throw cigarette butts all over the place.  It's like they are aware enough that everything else might be trash and discarded, but can't be responsible enough to throw the butt someplace safe.  There's two or three whole generations that have been taught not to throw cigarettes into the trash because it'll light it on fire, so they throw a still lit one out of their car into the bushes in a fire area or random places on the ground.  

screaming woman meme funny Imgur

I guess this is why some cities have banned outdoor smoking. Prevent butts on the ground.

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