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Turtlebot driven by iPhone - YouTube

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iphone finally good for something :)

That's so cool but why do they call it Turtlebot?

There is a story... Once upon a time, there was a robot maker called Grey Walter. For thousands of years, people had built automata, mechanical toys, animals and even people. But Grey Walter dreamed of a machine that had a life of its own. A machine that thought, or at least sensed and reacted, not one that was simply a clockwork construction. In the 1940s, Grey Walter, who was a neurosurgeon, built the world's first real robots in an attempt to mimic the action of neurons in the human brain. He called his robots "tortoises" cause that's what they looked like. Ever since Elmer and Elsie, the first tortoise robots, turtles and tortii have held a special place in the pantheon of robotics.

... so literally all Willow Garage's products try to have a turtle tie in.

and of course, after that, it's turtles all the way down.

Wow, I had never heard the story of Grey Walter. That's truly cool.

Turtles all the way down I had to look up.