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The World's Finest Underwear

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"Beneath Zegna suits and Yves Saint Laurent dresses, celebrities and the ultrarich prefer to don “the world’s finest underwear.” Made by Zimmerli, a small century-old Swiss company, the plain white cotton briefs aren't flashy or bedazzled with jewels. Rather, they grace buttocks with "unparalleled comfort," and enlist only the rarest of cotton blends. For this, customers pay a premium -- up to $110 per pair.

These aren't the type of underwear you'd find on Homer Simpson or Breaking Bad's Walt White -- truly, Zimmerlis are the Rolls Royce of skivvies, and they've earned the title through a long lineage of placing quality and comfort over aesthetics."

I hope they include performance-enhancing features!

$110 for underwear?? MEN'S underwear???

Right?!  (or left).  They're not even magical Morman underwear!

Methinks someone is getting ripped off.

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