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The Gamer in Me: The Greatest Trailer

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The finest story trailer I’ve ever seen for a game has to be the DC Universe Online trailers [1,2,]. These trailers were magnificent spectacles of CGI goodness. I’m sure you saw them if you play video games even if you never even played DCU. Heroes and Villains fighting to the death all while victory is snatched away as Braniac triumphantly returns. In many ways I think while the DC Universe trailers might have been amongst the best ever made, there was an expectation of greatness for the game that I think Sony Online wasn’t able to fully deliver. I bought that game and played it for a few months here and there but even knowing that the trailer was not in-game I fell under the spell of that great storyline. In my opinion the game never fully delivered on it, and although it has been and continues to be fairly good; with regards to the storyline it never really hit the high of the trailer.


Wow. These trailers are amazing. Better than the justice league movies.

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