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A Brief History of Cooking with Computers - Bon Appétit

A Brief History of Cooking with Computers Bon App tit


On the Internet, cooking sites have proliferated in the age of the mainstream gastronome, restaurant Instagrammer, amateur chef, and kitchen blogger. Hundreds of thousands of recipes are available to anyone in a heartbeat, and for free. And the future promises even more computer-assisted innovations—like, for instance, Chef Watson with Bon Appétit, our new collaboration with IBM. Erickson, for one, predicts that 3-D printing will transform our meals.

“Ten years from now, we’re going to look at computer devices that will do things of significant quality and importance in food,” he says.

In other words, you could argue that we have finally reached the Golden Age of the food computer.

And it hasn’t escaped notice that, now that computers are finally living up to their potential in helping us prepare meals, we humans are ironically doing more actual work—by spending more time in the kitchen.

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I'm looking forward to this -- and it seems like in 2014 we're still waiting.

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