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Wood fire. Really no messing around with this one... burns whole trees

Spruce Stove

Americans purchased nearly a quarter-million wood stoves last year, and despite their popularity in the modern era the aesthetic options would be surprisingly familiar to colonial-era shoppers. Fortunately for fans of clean lines, Dutch designers Michiel Martens and Roel de Boer have remade the wood-fired heating stove for the contemporary home. Called the Spruce Stove, their bespoke 55-gallon fireplace breaks with tradition by trading out a boring hinged door for a portal that irises open like an airlock on a sci-fi space ship, or the opening credits of a Bond flick.

The stainless steel sheath of the stove will appeal to urban design aficionados, but the unconventional feedstock will excite wannabe mountain men. The machine isn’t stoked with split cordwood or puny sawdust pellets—entire tree trunks are fed into its fiery maw. The length of the log dictates the amount of heat produced while simultaneously acting a visual indicator, a sort of pinewood progress bar.

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This is no better for planet earth than oil, natural gas, or coal, right?

I mean, even trees have carbon emissions.

Still, I love the phrase "fiery maw".

Yeah, in hindsight, I probably put this in the wrong folder. It's actually engineered to take stored carbon and efficiently dump that back into the atmosphere. That said, it has the Ben Hur like fury of an old steam locomotive at full tilt, those things are in the same class of efficiency.

flying scotsman

Heh heh. Good point.

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