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Levi's Stadium to launch Michael Mina Tailgate on northeast side of Levi's Stadium

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Michael Mina, like me, grew up in Washington State but is a 49ers fan now. Unlike me, he is a world-famous chef with basically unlimited resources. If you are also a 49ers fan with unlimited resources, and you're disappointed that you've already dropped tens of thousands of dollars on seat licenses and season tickets and parking passes for the new Levi's Stadium and STILL have money burning a hole in your pocket... well, you can now join his super tailgate! For $5,000 a season, he will roast a WHOLE OX at every home game and boil dozens of lobsters at a time and give you a little lunchpail to take back to your seat in case you get a bit peckish during the second half.

Sounds deliriously awesome and also one step from the freakin' fall of the Roman Empire.

Whoa. Is Ox the official meat of the 49ers?

Ox and Lobster? For $5000 divided by 8 = $650 per game?!


There are too many rich football fans.

I think it includes 2 preseason games? So only $500/game.

A veritable bargain!

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