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RIP Alcide's Abs - True Blood "Fire in the Hole"

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Alcide is shot right in the head. Right in the head. This is not OK.

Con: Sookie doesn't save Alcide's life by letting the vampires turn him because "She's been down that road before." THIS IS NOT YOUR DECISION TO MAKE! YOU ARE NOT MARRIED OR HIS SISTER, YOU MONSTER. WHERE IS DEBBIE? DEBBIE WOULD KNOW WHAT TO DO! WHYYYYYYYYYY.


Con: Ugh, True Blood kills Alcide because actually making Sookie be accountable for her own personal relationships would be too hard. UGH. UGH. UGH. What do you want to bet with all this baby talk in this episode, Sookie is pregnant with Alcide's baby? This way, she doesn't have to do any life planning at all! She gets to live with Bill forever and have a werewolf baby. There are no decisions for her to make, supernatural boys.

Bottom line, I'm crushed. Alcide was one of the only good people on this show. And I don't mean good entertaining; sometimes he was a total downer. But he at least attempted to remove himself from the Bon Temps bullshit and be a level-headed person. He made smart decisions. All in all, he just loved the wrong woman. And when Sookie decided to come up with the super good plan of "hide in a tree," she got him killed. And then refused to bring him back. Note if Sam and Alcide and the rest of the gang hadn't shown up, Vampire Bill would have died. Yeah, I hate Sookie a little bit right now.

True Blood: We'll kill every single character to prevent Sookie from making a real decision.

Overall, I liked it, apart from the death of Hey Alcide. It was great to spend some time with classic characters (even if it was just a taste). Plus we got some 80s Eric which is whew, wow. I hope there's more of this in the future of the last season. Felt a little like old time True Blood rock and roll.

Dammit, HBO, you could have taken anyone. Did you really have to take Alcide???

I mean, come on, what is this, Game of Thrones???

In its dreams!

How could they do this to us? We need a weekly installment of Joe Manganiello!!

I would not be opposed!

Perhaps they'll cast him as Ned Stark's long lost half brother, Alcide Stark.

Poor Dead Ned.  He already has one LOST brother, Benjen.

Alcide needs a new name.  How about Absolem? 

Al Snow?

Benjen might still be alive. It's possible, right?

Benjen is like a superhero! Recasting Alcide as the return of Benjen would be BRILLIANT!!

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