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79 Year-Old Buzz Aldrin punches conspiracy theorist who is harassing him...

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I love that the guy holding the boom mic doesn't react at all.

"There goes Buzz punching mother fuckers in the face again."


Buzz later spoke about this incident, and he said that everyone has their own opinion, but once the man called him a coward he said that the man crossed the line.

You can't call a man who has risked his life countless times and has gone places no where had ever gone before, a colonel, and in the US Airforce, a coward. He deserved that fucking punch.

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Well, what a great way for 79 year old to prove an idiot that he is not a coward then punching him in the face:)

Yeah! Don't mess with Buzz!!

so good. shame he was bothered.

Yeah, I don't think this was an act. He seems genuinely annoyed. 

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