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A man raised a gorilla like his son for five years and returned him to the wild. This is the video of him reuniting with him 5 years later.

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That gorilla is surprisingly human.

Reddit comments:

but why wasn't the man wanting more?  i was surprised how he left and then didn't go to see him the following morning, just said hi from the opposite bank.  i would have been nesting with my old buddy for the night!

It would have made it harder to leave again.

true.  but he may never see his gorilla again!  savor the moment!  this may be the one and only night you could be in a sleeping bag next to your old pal!

He does seem to be savoring the moment in his own way.

yeah, and maybe it is dangerous to cuddle with a wild gorilla and his wives all night!  :)

Wait I missed the detail that he has WIVES?! Oh my.

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