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Pregnant women look amazing.

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Photo credit: Jenn Powazek

This photo was taken August 3, 2012 using an Apple iPhone 4.

BusinessInsider says Marissa has been cordial.


She learned of her pregnancy in January.

That means Marissa Mayer is seven months pregnant in the picture.

Astounding, I would never be able to tell she's pregnant. She must have great genes.

I wasn't able to find any other Marissa Mayer pregnant photo on The Web anywhere.

"Marissa's pregnancy made her a better candidate for the CEO position," said Mr. Wolf, the Yahoo Board member who led their CEO search.

Members of Yahoo’s board “showed their evolved thinking” by hiring her in the final months of her pregnancy, she said in the Fortune interview.

Consider this Megan Fox pregnant photo.


By comparison, Marissa looks amazingly not pregnant. She wears it well!

Demi Moore vs Jessica Simpson:


Britney Spears:

britney preg

Well played, sir.

I can only escalate by offering pregnant belly paintings...

Pregnant Watermelon!


Pregnant Pumpkin!


Pregnant Dolphin and Turtle Under the Sea!


Pregnant Monkey!


Pregnant Basketball!


Meanwhile, here's Marissa Mayer on September 12, 2012.

Marissa Mayer pregnant photo

Amazing she would make a public appearance at 8 months pregnant!

She was judging startups at TechCrunch Disrupt by asking three questions:

1. Can you deliver?

2. Can you connect?

3. Can you scale?

TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, who's also a judge, asked her if she wanted to do an impromptu interview. She shook her head "no."

FINALLY a beautiful photo of Marissa pregnant at the SF Symphony:


She also Instagram'd it:

Marissa Mayer pregnant

Instagram'd it? Why no Flickr??

Wait, that image got 37 stars on Twitter but 486 hearts on Instagram.

She has 224,000 followers on Twitter but only 13,000 Instagram followers.

Instagram engagement ratio is 1000 times better than Twitter's.

Mother of God.


It is interesting that she would use the FB photo-sharing app instead of Yahoo's own.

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