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Walking Dead season 5 spoilers

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When season 5 starts, it'll pick right back up where the last season ended.

And, says Robert Kirkman, the premiere will be all about Terminus:

In our first episode, it's very much going to focus on the story of Terminus. There's a lot of big revelations that haven't really come out that I think people are gonna be pretty startled by. There's a couple other revelations that I think people might've gotten a little bit of a lead on. We'll definitely be defining those in some cool ways and confirming some theories and shooting down others, which is very exciting. But I think the coolest thing about coming back to season 5 is that we really hit the ground running. What I mean by that is that we very quickly deal with the situation that we left them in — this trapped, victim situation where they're kind of at the mercy of the people of Terminus. We really kind of expand the story from there very rapidly, so I think this is going to be a pretty fast-paced season with quite a bit going on. News is already out that Seth Gilliam has been added, and we're bringing in new characters like we always do, and I think season 5 is going to be our best season yet. I think when people finally see the premiere, they'll see what I'm talking about.

He also discussed the new characters, and whether they'd be brand new or from the comics:

There's a lot of new stuff coming. .... We're gonna do some new stuff, and a lot of that involves bringing in a lot of new characters. There's going to be some big changes ahead, and it's gonna all be cool stuff.

[Entertainment Weekly]

Steven Yuen also commented on the premiere, saying that that some of the scenes filmed in the train car were so intense, he thinks they'll be heavily edited by the time we get to see them:

I don't know if we will be able to show everything.

I remember a couple of scenes I would look over at what was going on in the scene and I would be like, 'What the eff? What are we doing? How is this legal? It's grounded and real, too; it's not like torture or gore for no reason," he said. "It's literally, that is what would happen and we are trying to show it. It would not work on network television, let me tell you that.

[E! Online]

Can't wait can't wait can't wait...

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