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Eggshell with more than 2,000 holes drilled in it, by Franc Grom

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Gary LeMaster:

He made a panda egg!

Panda egg meme funny Imgur Eggshell Sculptor

He was also in the Reddit thread:

I'm Gary LeMaster, owner of The Eggshell Sculptor - - for almost 30 years (the website will be back up in a few days... it's been down due to my recent surgery so bookmark it and check back) and although Franc did carve the 2,000 hole egg, the majority of eggs shown later in the thread are mine. In the past 3 decades I've taught over 4,000 people how to carve eggs and they are on about 1,500 blogs, with the wrong artist names and a lot of misinformation, which is how people on places like Reddit get this stuff inexorably messed up. When I'm back up to speed, I'll do an IAMA and answer questions for all as well. Thanks to one of my sons who gave me the heads-up!

This would be me drilling the 1997th hole:

Domino pyramid Stack Fail gif Imgur

Ha HA!  I wonder if Putin would like to acqire some of these eggs, because Faberge eggs.  Or perhaps just to crush them.

Putin is into Faberge eggs?! Hopefully not to crush them.

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