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Will food recovery help the food industry?

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At a recent forum held by the Farm Journal, professionals from many agriculture-related businesses came together to discuss innovations in agriculture that could help answer this critical question: How are we going to feed the world in 2050 when our population rises to over 9 billion? Add in the fact that 1 in 6 Americans are currently food insecure, and this problem may seem even more daunting. There were many impressive technological solutions put on the table from leading agricultural innovators. There was, however, one largely untapped opportunity—40 percent of America’s edible food goes to waste every year, with a similar amount globally.

This food waste also takes an unbelievable toll on the environment. It accounts for 25 percent of America’s freshwater use, over 20 percent of methane gas emissions and 300 million barrels of oil every year. In fact, as author Jonathan Bloom said at Food Recovery Network’s national conference, if food waste was its own country, it would have the third highest greenhouse gas emissions in the world behind the US and China.

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