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6 or 23?: KingJames Number Theory

6 or 23 KingJames Number Theory DataRank Blog


The gravity of James’s decision quickly became evident, with the original post stimulating thousands of retweets and sites across the Internet seeking feedback from users through surveys and discussions. One ESPN poll had received over 140,000 responses by midday on the 18th.

Using its proprietary Live Search function, DataRank analyzed a sample size from the 500,000 Tweets about LeBron James posted on July 18, 2014 in an attempt to predict James’s choice based on fan feedback. Querying for natural language based around sentiment toward what the player “should” or “ought” to do, DataRank found that 57% of the comments expressed a preference for the retention of #6. 

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#6 on Cleveland Cavaliers obsoletes both the old Cleveland 23 and Miami 6 jerseys. 

Strictly from a jersey sales standpoint, 6 is the right way to go.

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