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Query, a new board game for the age of Google autocomplete

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In December, 2004, Google introduced a feature to guide Internet pilgrims, called Google Suggest. Kevin Gibbs, the software engineer who built it, posted an announcement saying that the tool would provide “search suggestions, in real time, while you type.” This early form of autocomplete would, he wrote, make Googling easier (“let’s face it—we’re all a little lazy”), and it would give users “a playground to explore what others are searching about, and learn about things you haven’t dreamt of.” Suggest wasn’t made available as a default in Google searches until 2008, but now it’s hard to imagine typing queries without it—and participating in the voyeuristic game of seeing what else drops in from the hive mind.

Enter Query, which taps into the ample comic potential of the process, rendering it, perhaps inevitably, as an old-fashioned board game. Players try to identify which questions come from a search engine’s autocomplete function. 

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This is hilarious.

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