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Jeff Friesen's Mini Stereotypes Of LEGO America Are Coming To A Coffee Table Near You

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What... what exactly is happening in the bottom pic here, with the chihuahua?

Caption from Southern California: "Referring to Twinkie-Poo as an accessory pet was their first mistake."

It looks like the aftermath of a drive-by shooting.

Looks like that to me, too. I like Louisiana:


"A Mardi Gras float is only as good as its cleanup crew."


Jeff Friesen isn't looking to take over the world, but he is looking to re-create it -- and he's doing it brick-by-brick.

As the creator of the wildly popular LEGO scenes "The Great LEGO North," "The 50 States of LEGO" and the recent "Bricksy," Friesen's work has been ruling the LEGO-loving internet since he laid the first brick last fall.

Now, the Canadian photographer's U.S. series is getting the hard copy treatment: A book with forty exclusive new scenes will be released in September.


While the clever captions and scenes can be a little subversive at times, Friesen said the series has turned out to be virtually "troll-proof," receiving largely positive feedback.

"More often than not, people are in agreement about my [characterizations]," Friesen said. "My Canada ones are a little more pointed than the ones I made for the U.S., because I live here."

After his "The 50 States of LEGO" book is released, Friesen said he'll look to build scenes of London. He also plans to collaborate more with the builder who inspired his LEGO artwork to begin with -- his 7-year-old daughter, June.

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