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Kid with brain tumor asks for cards for his birthday - recieves over 30,000

Foxboro s Danny Nickerson s birthday gifts 30 000 cards 1 000 packages 24 000 Likes The Sun Chronicle Local News


The youngster was diagnosed with the tumor last October, and for his sixth birthday on Friday, he asked for birthday cards because he loves getting mail.

In a Sun Chronicle article last week, Danny’s mother, Carley Nickerson, asked the public to send her son cards, and after a photo of the article was posted to Reddit, Danny began getting swamped with them.

Barbara Hynes at the Foxboro post office estimates Danny received almost 10,000 letters and close to 1,000 packages from all over the world just on Wednesday, alone.

“The generosity of people is overwhelming,” she said.

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It is always good to hear stories of people being generous.

it's awesome!  but 30,000 letters sounds like a lot of work!!!

It depends on his attitude. He might think of 30,000 letters as fun and something to look forward to!

i hope so, because they are all full of love!

It's easier to look forward to 30,000 pieces of love. 

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