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12 Seemingly Foreign Foods That Were Actually Invented in America

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1. Fortune Coookies

Where You Think It’s From: China

Where It’s Actually From: California

Although the fortune cookie’s inventor is under some dispute, it is known that the cookie recipe itself is based on a Japanese cracker called senbei. The fortune cookiewas popularized in the early 20th century, but as Jennifer Lee noted in her New York Times article, “[T]here is one place where fortune cookies are conspicuously absent: China.”


Mind blown.


5. General Tao’s Chicken

General Tsao chicken

Where You Think It’s From: China

Where It’s Actually From: New York

The sad fact is that most Chinese foods popular in the U.S. don’t originate from China. This sweet and spicy dish was introduced to Chinese restaurants sometime in the 70s. Cashew chicken, orange chicken and dozens of other beloved Chinese dishes are completely unknown to the Chinese themselves.

this is making me hungry!

Sorry. Today I learned that most foods were invented in America.

Also, giving things ethnic names is useful for marketing.

The Cuban sandwich is from Florida?!

9. Cuban Sandwich

Cuban sandwich meme recipe Imgur Pinterest

Where You Think It’s From: Cuba

Where It’s Actually From: Florida

While similar to a sandwich found in Cuba, the Cuban Sandwich originated in Tampa, FL in 1880. In 2012, the sandwich was dubbed the “signature sandwich of Tampa.” It is believed that workers in area cigar factories were the first to invent the Cuban.

I guess Cuban is a better name than Tampan.

hahaha!  the tampan sandwich!  yeah, that's no good.

Lol bleh!  Of all the foreign-faking food, this one is really more immigrant fare than phony.

That's true. And there's a fine line between Cuba and Florida anyway, right?

Between parts of southern Florida and Cuba, absolutely!  The rest, not so much.

Miami is closer to Cuba than it is to Jacksonville.