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Kaepernick thinks timeout cost 49ers Super Bowl 47

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That Superbowl will haunt Kap until he wins one.

So close:

A year after the 49ers lost the Super Bowl to the Ravens,Colin Kaepernick is still smarting over a late timeout that he thinks cost San Francisco the game.

Kaepernick said on Bill Simmons’ podcast that he believes he would have run for the game-winning touchdown on a third-and-goal late in the fourth quarter, except that 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh called timeout before he could get the play off.

“There was one play we had that we had called a timeout on that I think would have walked in, and the play clock was running down so we called a timeout,” Kaepernick said.

Kaepernick added that he believes if Harbaugh hadn’t called timeout, they still would have snapped the ball before getting a delay of game penalty, and that he would have scored a touchdown on the play.

“It would have been close, but I think we might have been able to get that play off,” Kaepernick said.

Instead, the 49ers changed the play after the timeout, and the 49ers’ possession ended with Kaepernick thowing back-to-back incomplete passes. A year later, Kaepernick doesn’t sound like he’s completely over that.

I found that in a link from this Grantland article about Kap:

B. Kaepernick’s work in the playoffs. I’m the last guy in the world to make the argument that what a guy does in the playoffs should be the defining factor of his value. But let’s just, for a second, remember what Kaepernick has done in the playoffs during his first two seasons as a starter:

• Ran for 181 yards against the Packers in a blowout win from which some Packers have never recovered (hit it, Raji).

• Led his team from 17-0 down in the second quarter against Atlanta to win, 28-24.

• Brought the 49ers back from 28-6 down and a 1 percent win expectancy in the third quarter to come within one ill-fated timeout of beating the Ravens.

• Drove 65 yards in the final five minutes with a pair of third-and-long conversions to set up the game-winning field goal against the Packers.

• Manufactured touchdown drives with big throws on either side of halftime to beat Carolina.

• Marched his team down against the best pass defense in football in the most difficult place to play in football inside four minutes and brought them within one throw to the end zone of making a second Super Bowl trip in two seasons.

I get that Kaepernick’s not perfect, and I’m sugarcoating a couple of those moments a tiny bit. (It was too soon for the iso throw against Sherman.) You know what, though? All of that stuff has to count for something. I’d be terrified to stand on the other sideline in a playoff game against Kaepernick.

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