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Pedro Pascal: Red Viper Role 'Broke My Heart'

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Pascal was visiting Comic-Con for the first time to pour and sup Valar Morghulis, the fourth in a series of Game of Thrones-themed ales. But the crowd seemed less interested in the beer than in yelling out post-game advice about the Red Viper's shocking fatal duel with the Mountain — "You should have just killed the guy! Why didn't you stop talking and kill the guy!"

But Pascal took the Monday-morning quarterbacking in stride. "It's nice to see people disappointed," he smiled — and he meant it, in a way, because the alternative would mean he hadn't made an emotional connection to the audience. "It's a reflection of being part of a show as good as Game of Thrones."

Valor Morghulis: Best beer name ever!

I'm not sure it's a good idea to name the beer ALL MEN MUST DIE.

And yes, he should have just killed the guy!

You're right!  "All Men Must Die" makes a much better toast while raising a bottle.

Right, and you don't toast with the name of the beer while you're toasting!

What's Valar Dohaeris mean again? ALL MEN MUST SERVE.

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