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Fleet: Late night shuttle service making Caltrain stops between SF and SJ

Stashed in: San Francisco!, Palo Alto, San Jose

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IN-teresting... is there this much demand for premium (e.g. fast and no homeless people) shuttle service in the middle of the night?

yes! this is great

Dare I ask what you would use such a service for? I have always tried to live by the wise baseball manager's maxim that after midnight you aren't getting it and if you do it's not worth it. ;)

last train south is midnight...if you ever miss it is either spending the night with a friend in SF or pricey ride home. This is a great option to have. 

That's cool. I'm not sure I have ever actually taken the midnight train, maybe because I can't relax when I need to catch it... maybe because I tend to stay in the city or get a ride if I need to shut down the club. :)

Maybe now you can relax because you could use this as a backup plan.

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