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Jobs in the Weedconomy: The Trimmer

Jobs in the Weedconomy The Trimmer


Adamson puts the scissors down and takes a break to point out the buds that a neighboring trimmer is working on: “As repetitive as it is, there’s always different pot, which takes totally different methods.” Holding up the other bud, he says, “Like this, Bruce Banner. It’s rounder. When you trim, you can go around the buds. With this other one—I think it’s related to Sour Diesel—it’s airy, so you have to get inside, get the leaves out of there without chopping the bud up.”

“You want to make it look pretty,” he continues. “As a customer, I got really tired of seeing crappy trim. Now I get to be the finisher, make sure it looks good before people get to it. It’s something you can take pride in.”

The only time it sucks? When you get “sticky gloves,” he nods with a bummer look. “That’s a pain.”

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I love this line: "As a customer, I got really tired of seeing crappy trim."