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Man 3D-Prints Castle In Back Garden Using Concrete Printer He Invented

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A 3-d concrete printer could be useful for making livable houses too.

According to, Andrey Rudenko has printed a small single-level castle (a child's playhouse) in just three months, as part of a test before printing a full-sized two story house, which would make it bigger than the houses that were 3D-printed in 24 hours in China.

Similar to the Chinese inventor Ma Yihe, Rudenko has built a 3D printer that prints out a mixture of cement and sand in layers measuring 20mm by 5mm, using technology and software from the open-sourceRepRap 3D printing.

However, Rudenko, who has a background in architecture and engineering, is critical of Ma's design. He thinks that the ten 200 sq m houses that Ma printed are more like shells than homes.

when we can also 3D print rebar.... THEN i'll be impressed... b/c reinforcement is the main weakness in large scale 3d printing

How long do you think it will be to get that?

Will SpaceX invent it?

I happen to think it will happen when scientists figure out how spiders 'pre-weave' their web's protein chains internally before being spit out for the spinners... even steel rebar in concrete is essentially a form of woven reinforcement

then again... one could invent drones to place rebar with.... still, after walking thru this year's maker faire, i think we're fairly close to autonomous construction

That's good to hear. Seems like there will eventually be multiple solutions. 

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