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A tandem jump, an accident and a bond that will last forever

A tandem jump an accident and a bond that will last forever Edge SI com


Catching a glimpse of the bow-tie shape of the parachute above him, Dave had an idea of what had occurred: either a tension knot or a “lineover,” when the cords connected to the canopy twist on top of the parachute instead of below it. Either way the problem was solvable. All Dave had to do was cut away the main chute and deploy the reserve. It would be the first time in five years of skydiving that he’d needed to cut away, but hey, there was a first time for everything. Besides, part of him was excited to see what it was like. He closed his eyes to better focus and shoved his hand up from his hip to grasp the cutaway handle.

Only one problem: The handle was no longer there.

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