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Stephen Colbert Steps Out Of Character, Offers Heartfelt Advice To Young Women

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Woman or man, how great would it be to have this open of a relationship with a parent?  My guess would be that things are a little more complicated when Colbert's own kids ask him these kinds of things.

He takes being a father seriously:

When Colbert sat down for Rookie's "Ask A Grown Man" segment, he did so as himself, instead of the brash character he plays on his show. In real life, Colbert's a dad, and he takes that job pretty seriously. (He owns a "world's best dad" mug, after all. "You can't just buy those," he told once told BuzzFeed.) So when he delivers his frank, honest answers to teen viewers' questions, it's obvious his words come from the heart.

Over the course of the 10-minute video, published Tuesday, Colbert offers some pretty solid advice on topics ranging from misogyny and boyfriends to how to tell if someone likes you.

Watch it:

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