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This Map Shows The Wealthiest Person In Each State

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Nice to know that the billionaires are evenly distributed throughout the country,

i remember when bill gates became a billionaire and it was a big deal.

It wasn't that long ago. The fact that billionaires can become $50 billionaires does seem profane though.

it's incredible.  and yet, it's simple math.  asymptotes, yo.  profane asymptotes.

It's further proof that our current system makes rich people get richer.

Each of the Kochs are worth $40 billion?

Each of the Waltons are worth $35 billion?

That's... Obscene. 

Poor Alaska, Delaware, and Maine lack a billionaire of their own.

Perhaps we can take up a donation pile for them.

It's only right that Florida's wealthiest billionaire is named Micky.

Do you know what he made his money from?

Any relation to Disney?

No relation to Disney. He "made" his money by being the son of the co-founder of Carnival Corporation (cruise ships) and subsequently becoming the CEO of it and by owning the Miami Heat.  He is currently Chairman of the Board of Carnival. 

He must have a tough life. NOT.

Growing up in Tacoma, if you'd told me that the richest person in the USA would be from Washington State rather than New York... wow that would have blown my mind!!!

Only because the New York guy split his wealth with his brother in Kansas. 

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