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What's next for Zynga as its 'happily ever after' fairy tale ends? 

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We were all drunk with the power of Zynga's fairy tale.


This is a fascinating write-up.

I tell the story a different way.

Zynga was making money hand over fist.

Everyone -- investors, employees, other game developers -- wanted a piece of that pie.

Some got the pie and are satiated to their hearts content; early employees, investors, executives. Others didn't get any pie, or much less than they expected. They aren't happy to miss out on the party.

Now many have lost hope that there's no pie for them.

300m gamers is a lot of people. Kudos to Zynga team for building something that touches that many people. I'm not sure, as an outsider,anything has even changed with the Zynga story except folks' perception of the Zynga reality.

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