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OP Making a Delivery Happy Now gif


Thank you j0be for making this gif.

OP making a delivery gif Imgur Reddit fedex guy throw flat panel TV over fence happy now bitch OP delivered

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Some OP's always deliver.

hahaha!  that CAN'T be real!  he just tossed a flatscreen over the gate?

Oh it be real. From a viral YouTube video on why not to trust Fedex...

2 minutes' worth:

wow.  that is some horrible publicity for fedex!  but it does explain the condition in which i find my packages.  now i feel sorry for amazon... all those things i've had to return... what a waste.

One day Amazon will either buy Fedex and fix it... Or launch a competitor to Fedex and destroy it.

true.  and, for now, i wonder if all these delivery guys caught on film still have jobs...

Haha, they have jobs. But not delivery jobs.

hahaha!!!  so true.

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